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What is the Bit Torrent?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bit Torrent is an opensource protocol that is free for anyone to use. It is designedto allow anyone to publish to or download from the web large files,such as video, music, software and or games without using a greatamount of bandwidth, which is costly. Also the speed of the downloadscan be faster because the file, that is being downloaded, isin small pieces which many people upload and download simultaneously.Bram Cohen invented this application and he calls it a free speechtool. Because it allows people who would previously not have been ableto publish, listen to, read or use certain large files can nowdo so. It further expands sharing of information with the world. BitTorrent (download software) is also free of spy ware ,ad ware and pop-ups. Bit Torrent alsoscreens out incomplete or damaged files. Other P2P (Peer to Peer)networks are plagued by these two problems. Bit Torrent rewards userswho upload as much as they download by giving them faster downloadspeeds. So Bit Torrent is basically a better form of P2P file sharingfor large files. It uses a minimum of resources and it rewards otherswho share rather than those who hoard files and it is free fromcommercial ads and tracking spy ware.

Collection from Bit Torrent webpage

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